Cyprus: an unusual choice for me

Used to travelling to far flung destinations, partly because I am attracted to anything that feels “exotic” partly because I often travel during the European winter and go in search for the sun, choosing the destination for my September holiday was becoming a bit difficult.

Then Cyprus popped into my mind: sun, sea, good food, enough nature and culture to keep me busy, and the interesting split between Greek and Turkish parts to add a bit of spice to the mix.

The planning phase of the trip was “less planned” than usual, as the country didn’t feel a challenging destination that required much preparation: no jabs needed, no visa, no major cultural differences to get adjusted to. Basically I booked flight and accommodation (the whole period in the same town, how will I cope?!), checked out public transport timetables, and bought the Lonely Planet. And that was it.

I must say that Cyprus sounds like an interesting destination and I am now looking forward to discovering more about this country in the next week or so.

So: watch this space! :-)

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