Boarding gate

Airports and boarding gates: my favourite places!
This is where all the preparation, the planning and the excitement become real!

Today after a quick bag drop I got stuck in security for what it felt like an eternity. Not the one to miss out on an opportunity for a good argument, I got into a heated conversation with two overzealous security ladies who decided to go through every item in my handbag and backpack. With the highest point being: “Mascara is a liquid, listen to it when you shake the bottle! You should have put it in the little plastic bag”.  Yes m’am. Now let me proceed to my gate please.

So here I am now, staring at the screen displaying my flight number.
We are not ready to board yet so I entertain myself with some people watching. I wonder where everyone else is going. I wonder how many of my fellow passengers will join me on the second leg of this journey. Will I be again the only non-Russian on the second flight, like the last time?
I scan the waiting area to check how many (potentially screaming) babies/children will be on board. Is the flight full? Probably, the seating chart when I checked in online yesterday didn’t seem too promising. Will I be lucky enough to have empty seats around me? At this point I doubt. Are there any interesting characters around?

Why is eBackpackingveryone standing up now?! Uh the screen is flashing, they are calling my flight. Time to board!


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