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Happy New Year!

And another year has gone by…
2014 has whizzed quickly. Gone in a blink of an eye.
Am I the only one who feels that time is going faster and faster?

It’s now time to look back, but only briefly, before moving onto the future and the adventures awaiting :-).

2014: the year of travels, the year of change. Early in the year I quit my permanent job and went travelling to Vietnam and Lao for several weeks. And I started this blog!
Upon returning home, I got a new – fixed term – job and kept the travel bug at bay by doing several short trips (Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Morocco).

As of tomorrow I will be unemployed again. I see this as an opportunity, rather than cause of despair. I have chosen to seize the opportunity. It’s time to think and consider options, and decide what is next.
How many of us use the start of a new year as the best time to reassess our direction in life? I bet there’s a few!

So let’s celebrate the new year ahead: may it bring happiness, self-fulfilment, and lots of travels to all!

I will leave you with this: a few years ago I spent New Year’s Eve on a Lufthansa flight to South Africa. When midnight struck, the pilot – after counting down from 10 to 1 – wished Happy New Year to all from the cockpit and then the plane went quiet. Not a glass of alcohol, not a hand shake between passengers, not a cheer. Nothing.
We fell asleep shortly after that. A few hours later we woke up as the plane landed in Johannesburg.

And now why don’t you share your story from a travel-related New Year’s Eve?

Merry Christmas!

To all my readers and followers:
I wish you a wonderful and happy Christmas!
May Santa bring you lots of travel-related gifts :-)

A curiosity: the photo is from the Nativity (Presepio) in the Church of San Francesco in Bologna, Italy (photo taken in 2005). Every year around the Christmas period, families visit this church to see the famous and ever changing Nativity. The large mechanical figures move slowly and their activities follow a day-night pattern, in a show that lasts several minutes and always leaves children in awe.