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Street art in Athens

This is something I really didn’t expect. Isn’t Athens supposed to be all about the ancient Greek ruins and some Orthodox churches?!

No, I quickly found out, while wandering around the streets in the city centre. Street art, graffiti, tagging. Everywhere. Is this just the new version of the wall paintings of ancient times?

I spent hours turning into every corner of the narrow streets up the Acropolis hill, as well as the Psiri neighbourhood. No wall seemed to have been forgotten by the unknown (to me) graffiti artists. It was like walking into an open air gallery!

Admittedly there is a huge amount of tagging that is of little artistic value, yet some graffiti/murals were incredibly beautiful.

I will leave you with some images, best placed to describe the variety of art available. All credit goes to the respective authors, even though I don’t know who they are!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

It looked like just another rundown building in Tampere, Finland.
A relic from the outside.

But as I stepped inside I realised that there was more to it, as all walls had been covered in graffiti!
There is life after death for some relics :-)Indoor graffiti Tampere Finland

Featuring in the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge.