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New Passport!

Yes! I finally have my new passport! (ok not the one in the image, I know…)
9 weeks since I booked the appointment at my consulate – this is standard waiting time apparently – I am now ready to go again :-)

With less than six months to the expiry date and hardly any blank pages left, the old passport had become largely useless. And to be honest, 2015 has been such a strange year that my travel addiction had dwindled a bit.

outofofficereplyonBut now I am staring at my new “toy” with renewed excitement! Browsing the internet for potential destinations and airfares, checking out TripAdvisor, downloading Kindle versions of travel guidebooks, day dreaming about hitting the road again and escaping the daily grind for a couple of weeks :-)

New adventures lie ahead!

Travel Quote 9 May

“Travelling is addictive. And so is photography. Combine the two and you have a lifetime of restlessness where the next trip is planned before the one you’re on is finished, time and money permitting”.

– Richard I’Anson

It’s getting real

Three working days to go, before I leave my office for the very last time.
A few more boxes to pack, before I move all my belongings into storage on Sunday.
Jabs all done. Visa sorted. Camera equipment (almost) sorted too. Key flights booked, with a couple of accommodation bookings thrown in as well.
Suitcase still overflowing with lots of probably-not-so-useful-but-I-may-need-them-at-some-point items. Time for some re-assessment here….
To-do-list getting ticked off quickly at the moment, but some logistics still need to be organised.

Despite the amount of time spent planning and working around issues/challenges over the past 1.5 months (mainly at night!), I feel like there’s still so much to do…
Adrenalin kicking in!