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USA Road Trip 2012 (10): One more canyon – Canyon de Chelly

Canyon de Chelly National Monument sits within Najavo land in northeastern Arizona, near the town of Chinle.  Its beautiful landscape and stunning geological features make it a not-to-miss destination in any trip to Arizona.

The canyon plunges about 1000ft down to the canyon floor, where you will find yourself surrounded by magnificent sandstone walls.

To hike in the canyon you need a guide. The only exception is the White House Ruin Trail, which will take you to the remnants of ancient pueblan houses built in the rocks. Some preistoric rock art can also be seen there. Definitely worth the 2.5-mile round steep hike down (and then up) the path!

 Then follow the South Rim Drive, a 16-mile road that runs along the main canyon and ends at the Spider Rock Overlook. The scenery is absolutely spectacular!

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