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Colonia del Sacramento

When the morning ferry from Buenos Aires arrives in Colonia del Sacramento, crossing the Rio de la Plata and international borders, it offloads hundreds of daytrippers who make the 1-hour trip mainly to visit the Barrio Historico (Old Town), a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cobblestone streets and original buildings from the Portuguese colonisation era characterise this part of town, where you can easily stroll for a couple of hours before continuing your discovery in one of the many museums located in the Barrio.
You can also climb up the narrow staircases of the lighthouse and have a better and wider view of Colonia and the coastline.

A visit after sunset (the sunsets in Colonia are amazing!) will be the opportunity to enjoy the historic district under artificial light, which gives a magic touch to the area. Then sit and have a meal in one of the many small restaurants, tasting some amazing seafood or steaks :-).