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Themes at the Jardin Majorelle, Marrakech

Blue is the colour.
It’s intense. It’s vibrant. It’s more blue than you can possibly think.
It dominates the main building in the Jardin Majorelle (Majorelle Garden), an amazing garden and one of the most visited sites in Marrakech. The same blue appears on the large vases scattered around, on the tiles of the pools, everywhere.

All colours in the Jardin Majorelle are very strong and vibrant. Primary colours. Blue. Yellow. Red. They hit you. They call you. You won’t get away without taking dozens of photos, trying to capture them at their best.

And then you have textures. The incisions on the bamboo stems, the tree trunks, the incredible surfaces of the myriad of cactus plants, all with different features. Some looking from another world. You could stare at each of them for hours.

Then there’s people. People are everywhere in the gardens. Tourists walking around to discover the place, locals who visit to find some quiet from the hustle and bustle of the city, young couples hiding in the more secluded corners of the garden, groups of giggling girls on an afternoon out.

I will definitely go back to Jardin Majorelle on my next visit to Marrakech and spend more time there!

Note: a thank you goes to Paul Harris for the three themes, suggested as part of a photography workshop.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

Contrast: the tree primary colours in one picture.
As seen in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Rauma, Finland.

Featuring in the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge.