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Polis, Latchi and the Blue Lagoon

Waking up at 7am when on holiday is not everyone’s idea of relax-time, but I had decided to catch the 10:30am boat from Latchi to the Blue Lagoon and that required an early start.

First a 45-min bus ride from Pafos to Polis via winding roads in the Akamas Heights region (bus 645 at 8am, €1.50). Then from Polis it was a matter of a 40-min walk along the beach path taking to Latchi harbour, the starting point of all boat cruises to the Blue Lagoon.

But which boat?! There are so many that offer more or less the same itinerary at the same price…I headed straight to the one I had noted down from Trip Advisor (Alkion, a glass bottom boat), bought the €10 ticket (half price, low season offer), and shortly afterwards the boat headed out of the harbour.

The 3-hr trip was not overly interesting and the information given about the coastline features encountered (mainly Baths of Aphrodite and Fontana Amoroza) was minimal.  But it’s the Blue Lagoon what draws people there and once the boat reached the blue and clear waters, the only thing that mattered was how quickly you could get into the sea! All cruises stop in the Blue Lagoon for about an hour: time for a swim and a snorkel in the amazing waters, but you’ll soon want more of it :-).

Back in Latchi I treated myself to a seafood lunch at one of the restaurants by the harbour, then walked back to Polis and explored the town a bit. Nice tavernas and old houses were my photography targets.
The 4pm bus took me back to Pafos.

Around the Akamas region

If you are into the outdoors and wilderness and are looking for something more rugged than the standard touristy beaches, the Akamas region is the place for you! This beautiful and still relatively wild part of south-west Cyprus is characterised by desertlike scrubland and stores some amazing secluded beaches, nature trails, and gorges.

Public transport in this area is limited, though, and you will need your own wheels or you must join one of the many adventure tours that depart from Pafos.

Here’s a handful of places not to miss in the Akamas:

Lara Beach:
Beautiful and semi deserted beach, famous for its crystal clear waters as well as the turtle hatcheries scattered on the shore. The wind was quite strong when I visited, yet the sea was relatively calm and a pleasure to swim in.

Avakas Gorge:
This is a popular and easy hiking excursion, with lush vegetation and towering rocks all along the way. Given the time of the year of my visit there was little water in the gorge but there appears to be a real stream there.

Sea Caves:
Created in the limestone rocks, these fascinating formations cover an extensive area mainly around Peyia. Although some of the caves can be reached by land, hopping on the rocks and then descending into the caves, the best way to visit them is by sea kayak. I took a half day sea kayaking trip and really enjoyed paddling in and out of the caves, experiencing the amazing environment in what I consider the best way. Truly recommended!

Do you want more amazing beaches and sea? Next post then ;-)