​”Being 50 is fabulous and must be celebrated!” said the NHS nurse after jabbing me against covid+flu, one of the perks of the new age. So after skilfully avoiding plans for birthday celebrations and finally relaxed because the risk of a surprise party was over (hey introvert here), I found myself surrender to the idea that marking the milestone is not only ok but must be done :-|

And with something more up my street than a party…the 50At50 list! That is, celebrate being 50 with 50 activities/adventures/challenges over the next 12 months :-)

I started a list, browsed websites with ideas (it looks like everyone celebrates milestones this way!), then posted a request for help on my Facebook. And the initial draft list (below) was born. Items will be added as I go along so feel free to contact me if you have suggestions. Anything goes, big or small, as long as it won’t send me to prison, make me bankrupt or kill me :-D

​By the way, since public accountability is way outside my comfort zone making this list public is Challenge No.1, the Mother of All.

The 50At50 List

  1. Project Launch and public accountability ✅
  2. New Year’s Eve/Day midnight yoga
  3. Try aerial yoga
  4. Complete a yoga workshop on arm balances and inversions
  5. Try hot yoga
  6. Post about yoga on my Instagram once a month
  7. Choreograph a short dance and film it
  8. Complete a long-distance walk (minimum 42 Km)
  9. Achieve a marathon PB
  10. Run my second 50Km ultra
  11. Run a 50mile ultra
  12. Complete a running race at an overseas location
  13. Run at midnight
  14. Try paddle boarding
  15. Take a self-defence class
  16. Set up a virtual towerrunning challenge and complete it
  17. Visit 50 London Underground stations in 1 day
  18. Try a restaurant with a national cuisine that I haven’t tried before
  19. Keep a plant alive for one year
  20. Dye my hair red for a month
  21. Buy an item of clothing (charity shop) that I wouldn’t normally wear. Then wear it
  22. Leave 3 Inspirational Messages on “Sticky Notes” on Bathroom Mirrors in 3 Different Public Places
  23. Get a new tattoo
  24. Go to a live gig at a venue where I haven’t been before
  25. Sing a song everyday for 30 days
  26. Write on my blog at least twice a month
  27. Give a handmade gift
  28. Learn a new craft
  29. Learn 5 new skills in photo editing
  30. Every day for a week capture a moment of my day with a drawing
  31. Pick a random novel from a bookshop. Read the 1st paragraph. Do something triggered by those words
  32. Watch one of Shakespeare’s plays at the Globe
  33. Visit 1 country where I have never been
  34. See the sunrise in a beautiful/memorable location
  35. Explore a new neighbourhood