Argentina "Buenos Aires"

A daytrip to Buenos Aires

My Uruguay trip included a short stint in Argentina too. Too tempting to take the ferry across the Rio de la Plata for a visit to Buenos Aires (and my old friend living there, click here) from Colonia del Sacramento.

I was in Buenos Aires only for a few hours, and of course this was nowhere near enough time for a visit. So I will definitely go back at some point.

Argentina "Buenos Aires"
Tourist bus stop

When you only have a few hours in a big capital city, the quickest way to see the main tourist attractions is to use a jump-on-and-off tourist bus. The Buenos Aires ones have 24 stops and the whole tour takes just over 3 hours. That is if you never get off the bus for a closer look at the sites! Click here for the full itinerary.

What really struck me about Buenos Aires is the shocking road traffic and the modern skyline, full of high rise buildings and skyscrapers. London, you’ve got a competitor here!

I wish I had had more time to walk around the main historic buildings and the colourful La Boca area,  but unfortunately my superstrict timeline (I had to cross over to Uruguay again in the late afternoon) limited my options.

So I will definitely return to Buenos Aires for a longer visit!

For now here’s some photos (it was a grey and very cold day so all a bit dull-looking):

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