Montevideo (4): Final thoughts

I spent just over three days in Montevideo and I really liked it.
This is my first taste of South America but having been to Mexico before I am not new to Latin American countries. Yet Uruguay is different and Montevideo is a really pleasant city to visit!

Local buses are an easy way to go around and take you everywhere, just check the destination on the front of the bus or ask for directions. The area of the Ciudad Vieja and Centro can be explored on foot. There are bike rental schemes and bicycle racks are scattered around town. Las Ramblas are perfect for walking or cycling too.

The streets are clean and tree-lined boulevards give a very nice feel. Also there are a lot of green spaces (parks) in the city where you can chill when tired of sightseeing. Parque Rodo’ is just an example.

Note: the wind is always very strong – and the chill factor too- so be prepared.

If you are really desperate for shopping malls, heard towards the Punta Carretas one, or the World Trade Centre in Pocitos, or the Tres Cruces (where the main bus terminal is too), and you won’t be disappointed.

Final note: an easy way to access information about Montevideo while on the go and without having to carry guidebooks is the Kindle version of the Uruguay Rough Guide, as well as the TripAdvisor guide to Montevideo, which also has a zoomable map. And you don’t even need to be online to use them after download!

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