Hello Uruguay

As local bus DM1 takes me from Carrasco airport straight to my hostel, I look around with excitement. This is my first trip to South America and I’ve chosen Uruguay, Argentina’s less touristy cousin, for this adventure.
The fact that my suitcase has decided to remain at Heathrow Terminal 5 is only a slight nuisance…
So here I am. Montevideo, Uruguay.


The second smallest country in South America, Uruguay is becoming increasingly popular with international tourists, no longer heading only towards its more famous neighbours of Argentina and Brazil. Beaches, horse riding and a few nice cities being the main drawing factors. And you don’t need a visa, if you hold a EU passport. They just give you a nice entry stamp.UruguayPhotogallery_001
I read somewhere that around 20,000 Britons visited Uruguay last year. Yet I don’t think that many choose Uruguay as sole destination of a trip to South America.
I have just done that.

Well, South America was still missing from my travel map, the weather in Uruguay in early November seemed nice enough, the photos checked online hinted at a beautiful country, crime/safety reports (remember: female solo traveller here) were not raising any more concerns than most countries I had already travelled to, and last but not least with only two weeks available I’d rather focus on a small country. I like getting to know a place.

Uruguay was also some kind of late decision (one month before departure), after realising that sitting on my travel plans any longer would mean having to settle for more affordable European destinations. That was NOT an option!

And now I am about to embark in to this new adventure…

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