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USA Road Trip 2012 (13): Route 66

Evoking images of long and empty roads, as well as feelings of never ending freedom, Route 66 has long represented the dream for most travellers to the States.
Also known as the Mother Road, Route 66 was one of the original highways within the U.S. Highway System. Nowadays, only portions of it still remain in use and have been designated as National Scenic Byway. Yet, you cannot avoid feeling slightly overwhelmed at the sight of a road sign that tells you that “you are there”!

"Route 66"
Route 66 sign

Our closest encounter with Route 66 occurred in and around Williams, Arizona. Williams is the  last town to have had its section of Route 66 bypassed by Interstate 40 (I-40) in 1984, and the best preserved stretch of the Mother Road is located here. Historic signs appear everywhere, and the same applies to memorabilia stores.

Route 66 then continues west and ends in Santa Monica, California, after covering 2,448 miles across the States. Various signs on the Santa Monica pier inform you that the long journey of the Mother Road terminates here.

"Santa Monica" "Route 66" "Mother Road"
Route 66 terminates here

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