USA "Monument Valley"

USA Road Trip 2012 (9): Monument Valley

We had left the Grand Canyon behind.
And when I thought that nothing could leave me breathless anymore, we reached Monument Valley.
Which, too, took my breath away!

This iconic landscape is one of the most photographed on earth and has featured in countless movies. We have all seen it thousands of times, yet standing there and looking at the red buttes scattered across the area gives you overwhelming feelings that are hard to put into words.
Plus I have a fascination for wide empty spaces, and Monument Valley is “the” place for me. Just breathe it all in!

This area belongs to the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, which is equivalent to a national park. A 17-mile scenic drive (Loop Drive) takes you around the majestic sandstone formations, most of which have been given names like the Elephant Butte, Three Sisters, Camel Butte, Totem Pole, and so on. Photo opportunities are endless and I wish we could have stayed much longer in the area and explore further. A handful of hours in Monument Valley just leave you longing for more!

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