"Grand Canyon" Arizona

USA Road Trip 2012 (8): Grand Canyon

Having seen hundreds of photos of the Grand Canyon I should have been prepared. Not that I didn’t have an idea of what it looked like or how big it was (277 river miles long, up to 18 miles wide, and a mile deep). I simply wasn’t expecting that it would be such an overwhelming experience!

The Grand Canyon hides. When you enter the National Park area and start driving towards the rim, there are no hints. All you see is forest around you. Until you reach the canyon rim.
And you see it. Right in front of you.
Powerful in its size.
Impossible to take it all in.

No words can describe the feelings.

So you spend the whole day driving or walking around the rim (we did the South Rim only), discover the different features of the canyon and its amazing geology, observe the effect of the changing light on the red rocks, and if you are lucky you even spot the endangered California Condor! And wait for sunset.

Sunsets at the Grand Canyon are spectacular. Images describe them better than words.

We didn’t trek to the bottom of the canyon. And we didn’t try any white water rafting either. So here’s at least two good reasons to make another trip in the future!

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