USA Road Trip 2012 (2): First of all you need a car

What car would you choose for a USA road trip? Would you go cheap and cheerful? Would you choose a vintage model? Or would you go for the latest generation?
And how about a combi van instead?
These are important decisions when you are about to hit the road for over two weeks!

We went for the latest model of Dodge Charger…
And when I say “we” I actually mean “he”: my travel companion made the decision.
I had no idea what a Dodge Charger was or what it looked like, for a start. Not to mention the fact that – at a later point during our trip – after an hour behind the steering wheel I was kindly asked to return to the passenger seat, and I never left it since. I am not good with automatic gears, that’s all.

Back to the start: we picked up the car at Los Angeles airport, our meeting point, and named our sat nav “Britney”, as we could not stand the female voice it came with. And we finally hit the road!

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