Morocco Marrakech Teinturiers dyers

A visit to the dyers souk in Marrakech

“I am the souk of a thousand and one colors, but they come at a cost: the hard labor of the Sebbaghine dyers”

Your visit to Marrakech won’t be complete without a trip to the Souk Des Teinturiers.  Also called Souk Sebbaghine, this is Marrakech’s colourful and photogenic dyers’ souk, where wool and fabric are dyed and left hanging across the alleyways to dry.

A narrow alley leads you into the small main square, where you will be surrounded by bright colours: the dye powders arranged in bowls, the drying wool hanging over your head, the fabrics sold in the shops. You can also watch skilled men dipping wool into large metal vats of hot dye. When you get close, you may feel like you’ve just walked into one of the circles of Dante’s inferno!

A curiosity about the dyes: green powder dyes fabric red, red powder dyes things blue, and yellow powder dyes things purple. Isn’t this magic?!


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