Arriving in Marrakech

Standing lonely in the middle of the baggage claim area is my black trolley bag. Only two more bags around, and at a distance from mine.
I didn’t think I’d see my bag again. But it was there.

I had just spent almost an hour and a half (!!!) in the immigration checks queue at Menara airport in Marrakech.  It’s not like they didn’t have enough officers for the job: it was just incredibly slow. Painfully slow. Probably the worst I’ve ever experienced in my many years of travels. I was immensely relieved when it was over and even more so when I saw that my bag was still waiting for me.

Menara airport is incredibly modern. Fantastic and elegant main building, and now undergoing expansion with a second terminal to be completed in 2015. It blew me away!

The airport is only 5-6 Km from the Medina in Marrakech, and if you are on your first visit to this city catching a taxi to your hotel (£8-15 depending on your bargaining skills) is probably your best bet. The local airport bus is a lot cheaper but unless your hotel/hostel is located nearby one of the bus stops, chances are that you’ll get lost in the maze of alleys!

The taxi ride to the Medina takes you from the 21st century into the old part of Marrakech, characterised by old buildings, narrow alleys, colourful shops, men and women in traditional clothing. Such a contrast!

Marrakech, I am here to discover you now :-)

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