Piadina food Italy Romagna

Let’s talk about Piadina

Ever been to Italy?
Ever tried piadina?
Well, this is something that really deserves a place in that growing wishlist of things you want do & try when you travel!emilia_romagna_map

Piadina is a traditional regional food that originates from Romagna, the south-eastern part of the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy.

Piadina is a type of flatbread made with white flour, olive oil or lard, salt and water, all mixed and then cooked in a flat pan. When it’s cooked you add the filling, which can be anything from cold meats – in the more traditional versions – to Nutella – in the modern variants.
A classic is piadina con prosciutto, stracchino e rucola (Parma ham, soft cheese and rocket). Delicious and definitely one of my favourites!

Piadina Italy Romagna food

ItalyPhotogallery_016And let’s not forget the people involved: a good piadinaro never fails to entertain you with a good chat and a joke! The man on the photo on the left was so excited about me taking pics of his kiosk that started boasting about it with his “competitors” at the market: “This lady is taking photos of my food, and not yours! She is going to take me overseas with her!”.
But no, he didn’t make it into my suitcase in the end…Italy Romagna food piadina piadinaro

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