plne flight window scenery

On a plane

I am sitting on a plane.
Window seat.
Holding my mobile phone at eye level and shooting non-stop.
Marvelling at the scenery outside. Like someone on their first flight, like an absolute beginner. Despite the hundreds of flights already listed on my “traveller CV”, many of which long-haul.

plane window scenery
Photo 4

Then I sit back and let my mind flow.
Why does it all seem possible when you are on a plane? Dreams reappear from the back of your mind, ideas you had forgotten materialise again, and more powerful than ever. It is the clear air outside that clears the mind too? Is it that suspended feeling, when you are up in the air and look outside of the window and all you see is blue sky or fluffy clouds?

Then the pilot’s voice interrupts your stream of consciousness: “Cabin crew, prepare for landing”.

Fifteen minutes later you grab your hand luggage, switch off “flight mode” on your phone, and walk out into your next adventure.

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