House of a brujo in Catemaco

A photo from my archives: Brujos of Catemaco

Catemaco, Mexico, 2012.

Catemaco is a town in the Veracruz state, east central Mexico, and a large part of its county forms the Los Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve, an area of beautiful mountains, volcanoes, lakes and coastal lagoons.
But it’s not all about nature here! Catemaco claim to fame is also related to its brujos/brujas (shamans and witches). As you walk around town you will repeatedly stumble across signs advertising potions, spells, herbal medicines, and many other witchcraft-related items and activities. The house in my photo was just one of the many examples, and it stood out for its use of primary colours.
Witchcraft is everywhere: even boat (lancha) rides over the Lake Catemaco will stop at odd locations and you will be advised that “Today there is incredible energy around the lake and it’s the right day for a spell. You can have it done here”. No thanks. And surely tomorrow you will say the same thing to another tourist, and another, and another…

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