Beautiful Hoi An

You will be pleased to hear that Hoi An has made it to the top of the “Chiara’s favourite places in Vietnam” chart!

This UNESCO World Heritage site (since 1999) is incredibly charming, picturesque, and laid back. And it doesn’t lose its appeal even with the hordes of tourists that flock its streets day and night.

I love the Old Town and its traditional houses – most of them now shops and restaurants – each one with colourful lanterns that create a dreamy atmosphere after sunset. There are also plenty of museums, Chinese Assembly Halls, family houses and various temples and pagodas – they can be visited by buying a daily ticket  that gives access to five sights of your choice. Choose wisely – I ran out of my five options in no time :-S.

I love the Thu Bon river, full of traditional boats. I love the bridges and the views over the town.

The river in Hoi An
The river in Hoi An

I love the town market, which offers never ending photographic opportunities.

"You want to take photo?"
“You want to take photo?”

The ladies carrying fruit baskets will be the ones asking you to take photos of them! I have even seen some running towards tourists once they realised that photos were being taken…

I love cycling around Hoi An, even better than walking. As long as you avoid the busiest streets, or your manouevring skills will be put to test!

I love Hoi An by night, with its colourful lanterns and their reflections on the river.

Hoi An riverside by night
Hoi An riverside by night

But it’s best if I let the images speak.


  1. Beautiful photos! I’m planning a trip to Vietnam next year and now Hoi An is going to have to make an appearance on my itinerary somewhere …

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