The Lighthouse Award, my first blogger award!

For someone like me, who has only just started travel blogging and whose past  writing experience consists only of research papers and technical documents, being nominated for The Lighthouse Award by a fellow blogger is an immense honour!

So my biggest thanks goes to Travel Chick Diaries (click here to view her blog), who thinks my blog is terrific :-). You have a pretty awesome blog too!

And now in true Lighthouse Award fashion I will recap the rules of the award and then proceed with my nominations.

The criteria for accepting the award are:

• Display the Award Certificate on your blog • Write a post and link back to the blogger that nominated you • Inform your nominees of their award nominations • Share three ways that you like to help others • Nominate as many bloggers as you like

Ways I like to help others:

1. Show people that we have options in life and when we are not happy about something we can either change it or walk away from it

2. Make time to listen to people and give them support

3. Share my skills with them

And my nominees are:

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