A globe and a 6-year-old girl

It was written in the stars, as they say.  I am a Sagittarius, the sign of travellers.

My birthday present for my 6th birthday was a globe. I had asked for it. My colourful globe became my best friend and my escape route from ordinary life. I would spend days playing with it. I wanted to travel the world. I wanted to live in Australia and have a koala as a pet. I eventually made it and lived in Australia for some time. But I didn’t have a koala as a pet. I guess that would have been a different story.

Last month I “suddenly” resigned from my job (reasonable salary, permanent post) to take a break and go travelling.  With 20 working days to go and every night spent on the internet for the research and preparation phase, the excitement is just growing!

The 6-year-old girl playing with the globe is back :-)


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